The Reading List

– Peacemaker by Marianne de Pierre, the first book of the Aurealis award winning series. This will be my first review post, coming asap.

Virgin Jackson is a ranger in Birimun park, a Wild West themed desert in the heart of a bustling Bladeunner style Australian metropolis. Saddled with an unwanted partner, Virgin takes matters into her own hands when a murder in the park is the catalyst for a chain of events which forces her to confront her own past. It’s a cyber western!

– This Island Will Sink, by Briohny Doyle

This book is like an extended episode of Black Mirror. A family man and immersive disaster film producer, who relies almost entirely on a cloud based archive memory system, races against the forces of global warming to make a disaster film about the sinking of Pitcairn Island, before the real actually does sink. Except that it’s not really about that at all.

– The Sky so Heavy, by Claire Zorn
– The Swan Book, by Alexis Wright
– Storyland, by Catherine McKinnon
– Mullumbimby, by Melissa Lucashenko
– Day boy, by Trent Jamieson
– Tomorrow, When the War Began, by John Marsden
– Tender Morsels, by Margo Lanagan
– Black Glass, by Meg Mundy
– Writing Black, an anthology edited by Ellen van Neerven
-Asymmetry by Thoraiya Dyer
-Rupetta, by Nike Sulway
– The Quiet Earth, by Craig Harrison
– Land of the Golden Clouds, by Archie Weller
– Meat Tree, by Gwenyth Lewis
– Truck Song, by Andrew McRae


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