Emma Rose Darcy

This blog has come about because I am currently completing the final stage of my Masters of Museum and Heritage Studies- a dissertation/mini thesis on Australian Speculative Fiction and Heritage.

I got very excited about the books that I was reading, and when I spoke to people about them, they were getting excited to read them too. Difficultly in finding good Australian Spec fic, and particular difficulty in finding Indigenous authors, came up very often. I’m hoping that I can help people broaden their reading lists, and maybe pick up a few things they might not have looked at otherwise, by laying out what I’ve read and what I thought.

It’s not going to be particularly academic or jargon heavy, but I am going to keep a close eye on female and Indigenous Australian representation.

For myself, I’m 29. My undergrad was in creative writing and history. I read, for the most part, modern and classic literature, horror and have relatively recently gotten into sci fi and fantasy. My particular love is post-Apocalypse fiction, which I got into after reading Alas Babylon by Pat Frank.